Where Can You Buy Beer with Bitcoin?


Although many establishments still don’t accept Bitcoin as payment, Visa, Mastercard and PayPal are working on it, so you’ll soon be able to buy anything with your favorite cryptocurrency. As of today, these are only some of the breweries and bars that recently announced they accept Bitcoin for beer.

Now that the institutions have finally joined the Bitcoin craze, the future of the cryptocurrency is guaranteed. To hedge against inflation or to store value (Bitcoin is better at that than gold!), there’s no better time to diversify some of your net worth in the blockchain. So for beer and bitcoin lovers, there are new great options.

However, Bitcoin is still currency, which means you can exchange it for goods and services. Microsoft has accepted Bitcoin as payment for years, and you can now use the cryptocurrency to buy a Tesla! The real question is, where can you buy beer with Bitcoin?

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The recently launched OGV Taproom in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Is the very first craft brewing company to accept Bitcoin as payment. With 16 beers available, the taproom will offer many craft ales under the name of Rig Pig, and this is some good beer.

StillFire Brewing, a fun brewery in Georgia

Has also recently announced it would accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as payment for their beer. The company’s representatives stated, “The future is here, and it includes good beer.”

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Perhaps the most important news in the world of booze and crypto comes from Texas.

“The most Bitcoin-friendly state in the union,” as stated by Jeremy Kandah, a venture capitalist in the Lone Star State, just after the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission approved the use of Bitcoins to buy beer and alcohol. In fact, a bar in Austin, HandleBar, installed the first Bitcoin ATM in the United States.

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The future is bright for crypto-maniacs and beer lovers around the world!

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