1. are you planning to do just one whole battery bank for both your house and mining farm? i mean you can keep the two in the trailer and maybe build somekind of battery house to store all the extra power. from the solar. and it would help if you going to put a wind turnbine in or two at the homestead

  2. In the future, drill a pilot hole for your paddle bit. Then, if you can reach both sides, which you could have in this case, drill half way through your material on one side and repeat on the other side. This will minimize the material splintering and give you a cleaner hole.

  3. Hi Troy, why are you using an inverter, the pc runs mostly on 12volt, you can use some buck converters to power the 5v and 3v, your wasting a lot of power converting 12v to 120v then back to 12v again!!

  4. I can run laptops on not pure sinewave power inverters. And charge anything USB chargeable (so far). And charge batteries for powertools. And power lamps with led bulbs (some led bulbs). But I don't have beasts like that 3500W inverter 🙂

  5. How much can you REALLY make off of crypto mining? I’ve heard estimates of $100 per year for a good setup. It just doesn’t seem worth it to me to go through the trouble if that’s all you can make.

  6. Troy, I don't get it. What is cryptocurrency mining? Isn't it stealing the money that you might find? Why waste the equipment and efforts looking for all that money that others are hiding with huge expense and effort?

  7. I wonder, if living cheaply, and securing an income is the goal, you wouldn't have been better served by taking the hundreds, or thousands of dollars you've sunk into all the electronic paraphernalia to mine cryptocurrencies, and just bought a piece of one of those massive, publicly traded cryptocurrency mining farms that have put hundreds of thousands of mining rigs to work at places where power is cheap. It would also save you the time and effort to focus on perhaps more lucrative income streams.

  8. If I may ask…. What is the value of electricity in your area (what is the rate your power company charges per kilowatt-hour )? How many kilowatt-hours of solar power do you expect to use for mining per month? Not counting computers, how much do you expect to spend on equipment for mining… Solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, batteries, and other miscellaneous supplies? Also, the cost of added security equipment?

  9. HI Troy
    You can run your computers directly of 12V : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32826517978.html
    I did a similar thing with my solar powered robot lawn mower,, instead of going 12V DC – 220V AC- 24V DC I found a DC to DC step up converter and just goes 12V DC – 24V DC,,, I went from using 2,2A to 1,0Ampe – ish.
    Also,, if the CPU is not mining,, maybe see if there is a power saving mode in bios,, if the GPU is doing all the work, the CPU might not be doing much.

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