How To: Mine Cryptocurrency On Your PC | 2021

Blockonomics is a decentralized and permissionless bitcoin payment solution
How To: Mine Cryptocurrency On Your PC | 2021
Blockonomics is a decentralized and permissionless bitcoin payment solution

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  1. Mining on a single GPU is pointless this day n age. It was a young mans game back in the day fun because it was just after the housing market crash now days you need to take out a major loan to mine any kind of crypto.

  2. I enjoyed this video but…..I setup everything as you showed, my batch is running and showing all the info. I have the wallet info in Ethermine and have the dashboard but it says I have no miners even as my bat file is running. What have I missed? Ok I figured it out. I needed to re enter my address in Ethermine to see the rig. Again, thanks for this video.

  3. Hi, can you suggest pay threshold for one card with 24 MH, where i mine for about 24h in 2 days, average 10-12 a day. Tnx. Also if you can, can you tell me is there any other 'better coin' to mine with my zotac 1080 with as i said 24 MH. I am just looking for maximum earnings with this setup. Tnx again.

  4. Nice video, But when I'm about to mine it says this:

    CUDA error in : out of memory (2)

    GPU1: CUDA memory: 2.00 GB total, 1.68 GB free <- this line isn't red but the others are

    GPU1 initMiner error: out of memory

    Fatal error detected. Restarting.

    I searched online about this and I think it is because my pc doesn't have enough VRAM. Is that the issue? I just need to get a better pc? I'm new to this and I really want to mine

  5. Could you make a follow to this video, showing setup of multiple GPUs?

    I am new to mining, and your channel has been invaluable in showing me the RIGHT way to do things. Thanks!!

  6. First video i watched to make me understand how to start. Thanks
    I have 50 gaming pc that shutdown during pandemic. Now my problem is, to use all pc or just sell it and buy mining mainboard.

  7. Actually just made a comment on your newest video asking you to make a video like this! So glad I took another look at your previous videos, this is exactly what I wanted!

  8. I recently started mining using nicehash, but is mining this way more profitable then using nicehash? Anyways thanks for this very easy to learn video! 😁 oh and instead of using coinbase, can I also use my binance wallet or is coinbase a better platform?

  9. hey mike. im wondering why my core clock mhz is all over the place. yours is just stuck in one place. also i added a second gpu and it dropped my mh/s on both cards by half. i tried a few things like windows update. changed my virtual memory updated drivers. not sure if it has something to do with the motherboard bios or not. any tips or tricks would be much appreciated.

  10. my computer says when i click on the exe file " windows cannot access the specific device path. you may not have the appropriate permission to access the item. anyone know how i can get this file to run!!

  11. Hello Redfox! First time doing this, thanks for the guide.
    Im starting to mine like you indicated but when I put my wallet in Ethermine there is no worker there, even tho Im doing 36 MH/s on the Bat.
    Do you know what is happening? Im from Argentina not sure if that affects it.
    Also using a wallet on

  12. after 2 months of mining my card was burned n died and unable to RMA even within warranty..
    First the Screen Started to unrecognized and After 2 days card was dead…

  13. If you're going to rattle off a web site name so fast (I replayed miningpoolsdotstream 5 times and I'm still not sure), the least you could do is make note of them in your description. Thanks for your work, here's a suggestion that would make it more useful.

  14. I'm doing bitcoin at the moment going to cash out in 1 month I want to change to ethrium I think spell wrong. Going to buy 2 more laptops to do mining. I keep my place cool and make sure they all run smooth. Looking to have 50 laptops by end of year

  15. neckbone
    GM new to game, this is really great infor on how to get started.
    do you have any other video's, that can be purchased.
    Or ways to contact you for personal help on set-ups. Thx.

  16. I am mining ETH with my single XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX OC+ 8GB GDDR5. In the last 7 days, 14h, 23m, 45s i got 0.01459960 ETH. From 2nd september till 15th october my card worked for 944 hours (113kW energy) and gave me 0.112 ETH. In november-december mining difficulty was much higher and it took 1353 hours (162 kW) to mine 0.1 ETH. I do it even when surfing the web or watching netflix so sometimes it is 29 mh/s but no more than 30.5 mh/s (when doing nothing) on windows 10.

  17. Have you ever looked into 🙂
    I found that very easy to use, works great with the USB OS and desktop Software.
    Easy to manage from everywhere. only downside i've found that if you go over 14GPUs you have to pay a fee with some credits. but still worth it

  18. Good job providing us with valuable information. I am mining since last month with my single 2070super that's my gaming pc .now i am thinking seriously about adding another 3060ti with it ..after watching your 3060ti video.. i have two questions 1. will 2070super and 3060ti can run smoothly on same pc(Windows). because they are different generation of gpu . AND 2. is it too late to be into gpu mining at all ?? what is your prediction about network difficulty in next 1 year or so will i am be able to mine anything profitable in the coming days in case i want to expand into more gpus ?? will these gpus will be profitable what's your prediction?? as you are in this space for quite a while..

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