1. That biblepay was a mess. There are so many steps and then it wants you to run the wallet on the mining rig, and I am not even sure why. Makes no sense. I gave uo.

  2. Hi Vosk, I'm new to mining, just purchased a 6 card mining rig , I'm in Australia, have been following you and like what your doing, as a newby to mining could you let me know, for long term, what I should be mining ?, thanks again for all your vids

  3. @voskcoin yo dude what case/rack is that with the AMD CPU? Some type of test bench? I am looking for a good one like that for a simple gaming rig. BTW I been mining zen for awhile now because of you. Thanks!

  4. Hey Vosk! Love your content! check out Creativechain, platform just released 2 days ago, it's for artists and content creators and it uses the blockchain in a novel way. Great to mine for Nvidias gpus on keccakc algo…

  5. I have been mining RVN for nearly 2 weeks. I like that the algo is easier on equipment and uses less power for the same revenue as ETH. My 195 M/hs ETH rig does 20 RVN about every 3 hours. 160 RVN per day is $6.88 at $.043 RVN. I put that up against anything on whattomine right now. Also my rig on ETH ran about 935w at the wall, where RVN is variable between 650 and 825 depending on algo cycling. Same clocks, same settings. x16r is a VERY erratic algorithm minute by minute, but the return smoothed over a day is consistant and measurable. Best thing going right now IMHO.

  6. SUMO will implement their own ASIC resistant algorithm called CryptoNight-Heavy. I'm curious how this will work out but it's a good sign they use something different than XMR after the fork.

  7. Great epsode brother… struggling here in South Australia with my 6 x GTX 1070 rig, with some of the highest power prices in the world @ .35c (AUD's) KWh (.27c USD)… 😐 have almost sold my rig, but just can't!

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