How much longer will Ethereum be mineable? ANSWERED!

How much longer will Ethereum be mineable? ANSWERED!

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  1. Hello everyone I thank Mr Carlton Jefferson for his super strategy for helping me be a better trader , he helped me grow my $700 investment to $9000 Mr Carlton we need more men like you in these world and it will surely be a better place

  2. I am using my gaming PC to mine on a 1070 GTX. I want to add another GPU but I am conflicted about if it's worth it at the end. When that day comes EPI 1559PoS. Any thoughts on mining Monero or other PoW crypto?

  3. Following you since a couple of weeks and enjoying your content. I am new to mining and a little nervous about „The End“ of ETH Mining. What do you think about mining Raven or Conflux? Is that an option for GPU miners?

  4. ive been mining for like a month on a single 3080, i want to scale up and its not that hard for me to get a new gpu. the question is should i? the mining difficulty of eth is going up and im wondering if this will end blowing up in my face.

  5. I love the idea of individuals helping the crypto system and paying off their pcs at the same time, but ASICS is next level and unsustainable. Resources are finite and mining crypto in large scales is not the way to decentralize an economy. This sucks but it's good to go to proof of stake.

  6. Honestly coins that turn their back on miners are a joke. Think of the amount of time and energy and money individuals have committed to building the Ethereum city and now they are like ya we don’t need you anymore get fucked. Crypto community should turn their back on that garbage honestly.

  7. This will drive Etherium straight into the ground, screwing everyone who spent fortunes in mining rigs. They should just start a different POS coin and leave Ethereum alone.

  8. watching yt vids about mining and why 80% of people are mining eth instead of bitcoin? can anyone explain to me im still learning about crypto

  9. hey mate I'm beginning to start to mine ethereum on my gaming pc, do you run UPS for your rigs ? because a recent power outage here played havoc with my machine just a few days ago.

  10. they want to "decentralize" it but also make it hard to join. 32eth is not smth you just have.

    big holders of Ethereum will make more profit, small holders will spend it lose it and that's it, now buy more through banks.

    this is a way how banks and big forces corrupt .
    they are going to join to protect their assets (if crypto is going to be a worldwide a accepted currency in the future)

    vitalic and other "geniuses" would not survive a day without the blessing of banks and governments

    and everything is going to be centralized again.
    we people forgot we are just a herd of sheep…

  11. As people pay upwards of 3000 for video cards that pump out 100 megahash +/- your saying they wont be able to run long enough to pay themselves off??

  12. Glad I watched this. Was planning to buy a mining rig. Would not have been happy I dropped 30k on one and then ethereum becomes unminable. Will other cryptos follow the same path?

  13. so would it be still profitable if id start mining today? considering that ethereum mining might be put to an end by the end of the year? and what will happen with the currency once its merged with Ethereum 2.0(meaning is the price going to drop maybe)?

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