1. Great video, thank you; Do you recommend to mine RVN in a pool with server not so distant or mining solo? have you made a video about the comparison to know how much RVN you would have made from solo mining? it could be great if you explain the criteria on which a pool will be more convenient of solo mining and viceversa

  2. Idk why I've not been building these since the 1st data center that started my data center tear 2011 , Boynton Virginia. 10 years ago. I'm ready to purchase and build. Solar and pond

  3. Hi! I'm thinking about building a gaming pc and use it to mine when I'm not using it to play. I'm really new to this crypto world, my question would be if It's better to mine just one type of crypto like ravencoin all day or mine 2 or 3 different ones. Since I will only have 1 gpu (RTX 3080) cause I'm starting and I can't afford a rig with 6 cards. Thank you!!!!!

  4. Hello one question if etherium stops to mine ravencoin is it profitable to mine ? and which gpu is best for etherium and ravencoin ? also is possible to still mine bitoincs ?

  5. Hi Sebs, thanks for the video. One thing, I see your RIG has 93 MH/s, 1.2 Shares per min and it produce 168 RVN/24hs. I have a RIG with 6 x 3060 = 140 MH/s (in 2Miners), 2.0 shares per min, but it produce just 115 RVN/24hs. Where is the magic?

  6. Mh, so your rig makes rougly 20-25€/day minus 4-5€ electricity costs = 15-20€/day. So you need roughly run the hardware 24h for a year to earn enough to pay the bill of the hardware. That sounds risky. What if parts break?

  7. I currently have two rigs 6 1660S each mining on nice hash – both run at 188MH but one will show one pay rate and the other something different accepted speed is much different. I did a ping and they are both pinging at 45 or so is it better to try to put all GPU's on same mother board? would that give me double the hash rate?

  8. F*ckin’ amazing things here. I’m very glad to see your post. Thanks a lot and i’m looking forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a mail?

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